Saturday, August 14, 2010

Upcoming Series for Cristine Reyes and Zanjoe Marudo

Cristine Reyes and Zanjoe Marudo are paired in the upcoming Kapamilya prime time TV series Martha Cecilia's Kristine. They have been shooting already scenes of it and Zanjoe and Kristine had to make some intimate scenes. Cristine Reyes told reporters she never felt taken advantaged by Zanjoe when they were taking those intimate scenes.

Cristine also divulged that Zanjoe is a man of few words. She finds him mysterious and it adds to his sexy aura because of his quiet nature. Will a budding romance develop the two now that they are in one show and that both of them are single? That remains to be seen. Good luck on their new show.

Some hot photos of Cristine Reyes...

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