Monday, August 9, 2010

Mother of James Yap Defends him

After so much brouhaha regarding the Kris Aquino-James Yap break-up, James' mom, Annie finally airs her side and speaks out. She appeared on Sunday in GMA's Showbiz Central, obviously hurting about the separation of her son B-Meg power player James Yap and TV host-actress Kris Aquino.

She said that Kris Aquino's comments on television brought so much pain to her and her family.“Ang lahat ng kasalanan binubunton niya (Kris) sa anak ko. Sana naman huwag naman kasi hindi naman tayo perfect, di ba? Ang Diyos lang ang perfect,” Mrs. Annie Yap told showbiz Central.“Kung may kasalanan ang anak ko, siguro natural naman sa mag-asawa ang mag-away. Pero huwag naman lahat ibunton sa anak ko. Malungkot talaga ako. Naa-awa ako sa anak ko,”

According to Kris Aquino, what triggered her decision to break up with James Yap was the ugly words James thrown to Kris in one of their arguments in front of their son Bimby.

Showbiz Central asked Mrs. Yap if James has the tendency to be verbally abusive when in a heated argument and she replied. “Hindi. Alam ko ang ugali ng anak ko. Alam ko talaga ang ugali ng anak ko. Mabait siya at di siya sumisigaw. Kahit umuwi siya rito, hindi siya ganoon,”

James Yap's mom also confirmed the rumor at the onset of Kris and James that the latter had impregnated a woman and that Kris Aquino knows it. James Yap chose to wed Kris Aquino over the girl he impregnated because James loves Kris Aquino.

James' mother revealed that she does not approve Kris for James.“Sa totoo lang, nagsasabi ako ng totoo kasi di ako plastic siyempre. Kasi sinabi niya sa akin ni James na sila na raw. Tapos okay daw ba ako? Sabi ko sa kanila, siyempre Kris Aquino, sabi ko, ‘No! Ayoko!,’ sabi ko sa kanya. ‘So bakit, Ma?’ sabi niya. Sabi ko, ‘Basta ayoko sa kanya,” Annie said.“Sa totoo lang, tutol talaga ako kasi alam mo naman si Kris, di ba? Pero sa huli, gusto ng anak ko. Wala kaming magawa, di ba?,” added Mrs. Annie Yap.

Despite James' mom disapproval for Kris, James tied the knot with Kris because he loved her. James mom told showbiz central that she was hurt because James did not inform her about their wedding.

“Nalungkot ako. Sa totoo lang, umiyak ako dahil sabi ko sa kanya nagulat ako kasi di ka nagpaalam sa amin. Pinaalam mo tapos na kayong kasal. Siyempre nagalit ako. Siyempre bilang nanay, ina niya ako tapos di niya (pinaalam) sa akin kaya nagalit ako. Hindi ako nakatulog. Umiyak ako hanggang umaga sa totoo lang.”

But what made it even more hurtful, Annie admitted, was that James married Kris. “Yun na yon,” Annie said. “Iba talaga kami. Mahirap lang kami. Sila mayaman. Tutol ako. Hindi naman ako tutol porke’t ganoon siya. Hindi, wala ako niyan. Sa buhay namin angat siya sa amin siyempre. Ayoko. Tutol ako ba.”

Annie's message to James is to focus his attention to his son.

It takes two to tango as it is said so in every break-up, there's always two people involved and you can't just throw all the blame to one person. Obviously, their marriage from the start is somehow bound to fail. Kris has a very domineering personality while James Yap seems to be the underdog. In marriage, it takes compromise, forgiveness, patience, understanding and not just thinking of oneself in order for the union to last which I believe one of them doesn't have. .
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