Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jewel Mische Reacts on Break-up Issue with Richard Gutierrez

It was reported last year that Jewel Mische and Richard Gutierrez broke up but they were back on each others arms. Lately, there's a rumor again that the two broke up. When asked by reporters, Jewel Mische reacted, "Nagbreak? Talagang nagbreak?"

But when scrutinized regarding her relationship with Richard Gutierrez, she evaded answering the question saying, "Alam n'yo po, for the past three years, I've been silent. I kept silent about Richard. And it will remain the same right now, I'll be quiet."

Jewel continued, "I don't find any good reason to talk about us right now.

"Whatever happens, whatever is happening, Richard won't do anything without my approval, without settling things with me, without talking with me.

"He won't do that. He won't be that rude to do that to me". To end the scrutiny regarding her relationship with Richard, Jewel said, "My lovelife is alive".

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Bela Padilla is Aljur Abrenica's Leading Lady in Machete

Remember Bela Padilla? The one whom Marian Rivera had a rift in the soap opera Endless Love for allegedly getting jealous on Dingdon Dantes, Marian's real-life sweetheart?

Bela Padilla can't believe she is now the leading lady of Aljur Abrenica in Machete. "It still hasn't, you know, sunk in. I'm still in the 'is-it-really-happening-to-me' stage, said Bela Padilla.

Bela plays the role of Agnaya, the love interest of Aljur Abrenica who is the main character of the remake of this Filipino film Machete. Bela said she'll do her best to turn around the hate she got especially from Marian Rivera's fans. She'll do her best in her new project. Good luck Bela!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Solenn Heusaff: Hurt but Chooses to Stay Positive on Bimbo Tag

Solenn Heusaff admitted she's hurt over the bimbo tag given to her by French documentary but she chooses to stay positive. She will not take any legal actions against the French network that airs the show. "I want my 2011 to be very positive so they have karma," said Solenn.

Bimbo is a term which is defined as an attractive but unintelligent woman. The title of the documentary is "Gangsters, Druglords and Bimbos". Solenn would rather concentrate on her acting as a newbie in show business rather on dwelling on the issue. She has a project titled "My Valentines Girls" with handsome actor, Richard Gutierrez.
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Angelica Panganiban wants to End Rift with Claudine Baretto

It can be remembered that last year, Angelica Panganiban and Claudine Baretto were in a heated word war and Claudine even made threatening statements on Angelica Panganiban on her twitter account.

Angelica said she has learned a lot on what happened to her in 2010 and the year 2011 has a lot of positive things to offer on her. One of the best things that happened to her in 2010 was meeting her biological father.

She is a cast of the movie Bulong which will be shown in cinemas on February 2, 2011 and this ushers her 2011. It's a new year so Angelica wants to make peace to Claudine Baretto.

Her plans for 2011 is to be able to do projects with artists whom she has not worked with yet and to be able to do a big project with real-life sweetheart Derek Ramsay. Good luck Angelica!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cherry Pie Picache Complains about Baron Geisler

Baron Geisler, a good actor who has garnered already a number of awards has been on the news again. Wonder why his character in the teleserye Noah has been killed?

Cherry Pie Picache felt the difference of Baron's touch on her when they were taping in Noah. Cherry Pie said she was not able to do anything to stop Baron from touching her breast. The incident made Cherry Pie Picache got angry and reported immediately to the production of Noah, which is why Baron's character has been right away killed in the soap opera.

There must be really wrong with Baron Geisler. He had been sued also before for similar misconducts.
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