Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rayver Cruz Admits being the Cause of Cristine Reyes & Sarah Geronimo War

It has been a big issue this past few days that Cristine Reyes has been posting anger messages in her twitter account. Later on, it was found out that the subject of her anger was no other than the pop princess Sarah Geronimo.

Cristine Reyes allegedly was fuming mad with Sarah Geronimo's remark during their ASAP rehearsal last week saying, "ang mga magagaling sumayaw habulin ng mga sexy"
Later this week, Rayver Cruz admitted he's the one who told about it to Cristine Reyes. He further said that he doesn't see anything wrong with what he said to Cristine Reyes.

We'll, it's Christmas time and I hope everything will be settled between the two.
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