Monday, August 30, 2010

Heidi Montag wants Bigger Breasts

Isn't she has enough? Those big boobs are already popping out! In an article of Star Magazine, the reality star is worried on who's gonna do her future cosmetics procedures after her surgeon died in a car crash.

Contrary to the reported breast augmentation by Heidi later this year, she told the Life & Style that she's actually downgrading her chest size and going a little smaller. “Besides my chest, I won’t get anything done again – at least not for a long time." , Montag said.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Miss Mexico bagged the Miss Universe Crown

I was watching the live Abs-CBN telecast of the Miss Universe pageant today and I can't help myself shouting in delight when Miss Philippines, Venus Raj was called to join the 5 finalists.

I kept myself glued on TV waiting and listening intently to the judge's questions and corresponding answers by the top five beauties. They were all smart to answer questions but Ms. Raj answer was kinda shallow (for me) because of the not-so-mind-boggling question asked by her chosen judge.

Ms. Venus Raj emerge as the 4th runner up. The Ms. Universe crown goes to Ms. Mexico Jimena Navarrete. Ms. Mexico is very beautiful and smart. She deserve the crown.

Here's the new Ms. Universe...

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Miss Universe 2010

A lot of people in the world are already excited to watch the search for the Miss Universe 2010 which will be tomorrow, in Mandalay BayRresort and Casino in Las Vegas. It will be shown here in the Philippines at ABS-CBN live on Tuesday at 9:30.

Filipinos are hoping that Philippine representative Ms. Maria Venus Raj will bring home the crown of Miss Universe. It's quite long already since the Philippines got the most coveted, prestigious title.

Here are some photos of Miss Philippine-Universe Venus Raj...

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Marcar Reyes is the August Cover girl for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Maricar Reyes, the once controversial actress because of having a scandal with Hayden Kho is the cover girl for the August issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.
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Britney Spears dethroned by Lady Gaga as Twitter Queen

Britney Spears had the most number of followers in twitter but lately, she was dethroned by no other than Lady Gaga, making her the new queen of social media.

She is also named the biggest name in the very famous social networking facebook. She had 10 million followers and in a matter of just two weeks, it increased to 16 million. Wow! That's amazing. It just reveals that a lot of people in the world are going gaga over Lady Gaga.
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Mariel Rodriguez,Preggy?

Boy Abunda, Mariel's manager denied that Mariel Rodroguez is pregnant. With regards to the kasalan issue, he said he doesn't know about it and that Mariel did not tell her anything about it...Well, let's just wait and see what will happen next...:)

Some hot photos of Mariel Rodriguez...

Kris and James Meet in Court, Reach Compromise Agreement

I watched TV Patrol news last night and it was reported that Kris and James meet in court to agree on the petition of James Yap for his visitation rights to their 3-year old son Baby James.

They lasted for 3 hours and they reach a compromise agreement. James can visit his son for six hours every Wednesday and he can have Baby James in his place every Friday provided that the baby will be accompanied by two yayas and a bodyguard and it will only be within Metro Manila. James can't bring Baby James to his province in Escalante, Negros.

James right away went to fetch his son in Kris' place since it was a Friday yesterday. At least, the baby can grow up with the care of his two parents even if the two are already separated.
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kris Aquino is Sick

the ever kikay Kris AquinoImage by bluesmarquez via Flickr
Kris Aquino was not able to show up in her show Pilipinas Win na Win because she's sick. In her tweet, Kris said "Yes I was sick today, totally heartsick & crying nonstop. I shouldn't admit weakness, but I'm falling apart because ending a marriage is hell. Bimby gave me kleenex & asked what's wrong mom? I was honest & said mama & papa r fighting. Then he said wise words na super wake up call for me, u r brave mama ko. I asked him if he wanted his papa to come back to live w/ us & he said mama dito tayo (then he said name of condo where we live), papa ko sa other house pero friends tayo no more away-away."

Kris Aquino said, "And so I face tomorrow's hearing w/ that intention, for bimby's sake, I'll offer friendship to his papa. Somebody text me, may angels tread before u sa path u'll go thru tomorrow. My angel baby james already did.That is the truth in my heart & all that I feel. I know I failed as a wife & james also failed as a husband. But we still have a chance to succeed as parents. And our son deserves the best effort I can give. Di ko man nabigyan si bimby ng complete family, but I can still make sure he'll always feel the love of both his parents for him. Good night. Say a prayer for our hearing tomorrow."

It's always painful to say goodbye, what more going through a process of ending a marriage. The kids are the ones who will suffer the most. I hope everything will turn out good between Kris and James for the sake of their son.
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Piolo and KC seen Dating

Hunk actor Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion was seen together in a mall seeing the movie Expendables. The two haven't divulged the real status of their relationship yet but they have been seen several times together. Action speaks louder than words, anyways:).

Here are sexy and sensual photos of KC Concepcion...

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mariel Rodriguez Follows Robin Padilla in India

Love can move mountains as the saying goes. Yes, love can make a person do things you would never expect a particular person would do. The latest development of Robin - Mariel love affair is that Mariel is also in an indefinite leave in her show Pilipinas Win na Win to follow Robin Padilla, a practicing Muslim who is also on leave and is in India for the Ramadan.

Obviously, Mariel is in love with Robin. In her twitter account, she posted "I heart Robin Padilla" and based on her actions, she indeed is in love with the bad boy in Philippine Showbiz. There are also rumors that she is pregnant. Wow! If it's true, it must be very fast.haha

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kris Aquino Answers James' Mom

Kris Aquino appeared in a taped interview yesterday, obviously hurt by the statements of James Yap's mom. It can be remembered that Mrs. Annie Yap, James mom had a taped interview saying she does not approve Kris for James.

Kris said that she'll never talk anything derogatory to James because he is the father of her son. "Mapapanood po yun ng apo ninyo at some point in time kasi nasa internet na. Nanay niya po ako. Kahit anong gawin ninyo, lumbas siya sa sinapupunan ko. Ako po ang magpapalaki at magsisikap na maitaguyod si Baby James. Masakit po para sa akin na yung apo ninyo, sisiraan ang nanay niya sa kanya. Kasi magkahiwalay man kami ni James, kadugo nyo pa din po and anak ko, Kris Aquino said.

Magsakripisyo na ako, mananahimik na ako, Magpakumbaba na ako. Handa kong gawin yun dahil ganun ko kamahal ang anak ko. Sana kahit kunti po, bigyan niyo din ng pagmamahal ang anak ko, Kris adds.
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Upcoming Series for Cristine Reyes and Zanjoe Marudo

Cristine Reyes and Zanjoe Marudo are paired in the upcoming Kapamilya prime time TV series Martha Cecilia's Kristine. They have been shooting already scenes of it and Zanjoe and Kristine had to make some intimate scenes. Cristine Reyes told reporters she never felt taken advantaged by Zanjoe when they were taking those intimate scenes.

Cristine also divulged that Zanjoe is a man of few words. She finds him mysterious and it adds to his sexy aura because of his quiet nature. Will a budding romance develop the two now that they are in one show and that both of them are single? That remains to be seen. Good luck on their new show.

Some hot photos of Cristine Reyes...

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marian Rivera Celebrates 26th Birthday

Marian Rivera has gone a long way since starting her showbiz career. She became famous and her popularity soar high when she portrayed the role of Marimar. Since then, she becomes a household name and she is now a primetime telenovela princess. Aside from doing soap opera, she becomes also an in demand endorser of several products. What makes her life more colorful is the love of her life, the hunk actor Dingdong Dantes.

Here are some photos of the pretty Marian Rivera...

Happy birthday Marianne! Keep up the good work!
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