Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kris Aquino is Sick

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Kris Aquino was not able to show up in her show Pilipinas Win na Win because she's sick. In her tweet, Kris said "Yes I was sick today, totally heartsick & crying nonstop. I shouldn't admit weakness, but I'm falling apart because ending a marriage is hell. Bimby gave me kleenex & asked what's wrong mom? I was honest & said mama & papa r fighting. Then he said wise words na super wake up call for me, u r brave mama ko. I asked him if he wanted his papa to come back to live w/ us & he said mama dito tayo (then he said name of condo where we live), papa ko sa other house pero friends tayo no more away-away."

Kris Aquino said, "And so I face tomorrow's hearing w/ that intention, for bimby's sake, I'll offer friendship to his papa. Somebody text me, may angels tread before u sa path u'll go thru tomorrow. My angel baby james already did.That is the truth in my heart & all that I feel. I know I failed as a wife & james also failed as a husband. But we still have a chance to succeed as parents. And our son deserves the best effort I can give. Di ko man nabigyan si bimby ng complete family, but I can still make sure he'll always feel the love of both his parents for him. Good night. Say a prayer for our hearing tomorrow."

It's always painful to say goodbye, what more going through a process of ending a marriage. The kids are the ones who will suffer the most. I hope everything will turn out good between Kris and James for the sake of their son.
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