Monday, July 25, 2011

John Prats Makes me Happy: Bianca Manalo

There are many speculations that John Prats and Bianca Manalo are now a couple. They have been spotted dating together watching movie. One of the staffs of Happy Yipee Yehey confirmed that the two are already an item and that they are just denying the real score between them.

Bianca Manalo, when asked if she and John are in a relationship said they are not yet in a relationship. But she said that John makes her happy. She said that their closeness should not be misunderstood because they are really that close already even when John Prats was still with his ex-girlfriend Rachelle Ann Go. She said, they might just become sweeter and closer this time since they are in one show.

When asked if there's a possibility that she'll be in love with John, Bianca said" I don't wanna talk about it. All I can say is that we are very happy and enjoy with each other now".
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Friday, July 22, 2011

FHM 2011 Sexiest Woman in the World Sam Pinto

There's something about Sam Pinto that captivates fans, men and women alike. She exudes confidence, elegance and class and has one of the pretty faces in showbiz. Hope she'll remain grounded now that she's gotten the number 1 spot of FHM's sexiest woman in the world.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Honest Taxi Driver got a Hug and Kiss from Ruffa Guttierez

Ruffa's personal assistant left 6 pairs of Ruffa's shoes in a taxi. It is known to many that Ruffa lost expensive shoes because she announced it to her twitter account.

Jimmy, Ruffa Guttierez' personal aide left the shoes at the Merger taxi since he was busy talking to a cousin in a phone about his ailing mother. He was on his way to the shooting location of Ruffa in Pasong Tamo, Makati City.

Jimmy said in an interview that he considered selling his family's land property to pay for the lost custom-made shoes amounting to $4,000 owned by Ruffa Guttierez.

The taxi driver told reporters that he was surprised to see expensive-looking shoes left in his taxi so he went home and asked his wife to return the shoes to radio DZMM. The hosts of Aksyon Ngayon right away announced the missing shoes. The actress was informed that her shoes has been returned.

The actress gave a gift to Ariel Dalangin, the taxi driver and fulfilled her promise to hug and kiss the person who will return her missing shoes.
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Charice Pempengco Denies being a Member of Illuminati

The famous international singer sensation Charice Pempengco has been refuted to be a member of illuminati. Illuminati is a Latin word and means "enlightened".

Charice Pempengco denied the issue and tweeted:"...bakit naman ako magiging member? porket kanta ko po'y Pyramid, member na? hehehe. pero ayon.. hindi po,"

She has been linked to the Illuminati group because of her song Pyramid in which she had to do the pyramid sign. Pyramid or eye within the pyramid is the symbol of Illuminati.

Illuminati refers to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a shadowy "power behind the throne," allegedly controlling world affairs through present day governments and corporations. There are many rumors that some famous personalities are members of the Illuminati like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and even former US president George Bush.

To clear the rumors, Charice tweeted this, "What's up with these news and people saying about Illuminati?! Again, I am NOT part of it. So just please, get a life and grow up. Thank you."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kris Aquino, Offended by Mayor Junjun Binay's Remarks About Marriage

It is undeniable that Kris Aquino and Mayor Junjun Binay have some sort of "mutual understanding" with each other. They were together during the concert of Justin Beiber here in Manila and the issue linking them both never dies. Anyways, they are both single and so there's no problem if ever they will fall for each other.

There's this article entitled "To Wed or not to Wed:Hayden & Vicki, Junjun and Kris" in Philippine Star news. The author of the article said that she was able to interview Junjun Binay during the wedding anniversary of Senator Mirriam Santiago and husband Narciso Santiago. She asked the mayor if he is indeed dating Kris Aquino to which he replied, "Yes, we are good friends. We saw the Justin Bieber concert together, and by gosh, when you're with Kris, everybody wants to have a picture with her."

He was then asked if he is open to the possibility of getting married again to which the mayor replied meaningfully, "Why do people marry? Because of lack of knowledge... Why do people separate? Because of lack of experience... Why do people remarry? Because of loss of memory."This statement of Mayor Junjun Binay offended Kris which she said is a "patama" to her. Kris Said that what the mayor said is not a reflection of Junjun Binay's marriage to his late wife Ken.

"I know that's not a reflection of his married life because from all he has shared w/ me, he & his wife Ken were exceptionally happy.", said Kris Aquino. In her twitter account, Kris said: "In the 14 months since my separation, I haven't dated anybody. I thought jun & I were friends but after what I read I've come to the conclusion a gentleman doesn't really say stuff like that especially when it can be read as "patama" to his friend."

Kris said the mayor apologized to her but she prefer to avoid the mayor to stop speculations about the two of them. Kris tweeted:"In conclusion, nag sorry si jun last night but I guess it's truly best for us to just avoid each other so no more talk about us."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Children Custody Battle Between Ruffa Guttierez and Ex-Husband Yilmaz Bektas

Ruffa Gutierrez tweeted on her twitter account on the night of 13th of July, Wednesday: "Just received a shocking phone call. The storm I was anticipating is coming, SOON. Please pray for me as I fight the biggest battle of my life."

It's been reported that Yilmaz Bektas sent an email to GMA news. He questioned the custody given to Ruffa by the court. "How does the court made a decree in favor of Ruffa without giving me the right to defense myself and gave the guardianship right of my children to her?", Yilmaz reportedly said.

He also insisted that he gave financial support to his children. "I always gave my money to my children."I would not have offered 2 millions dollars to Ruffa in order to see my children for 1 week. She requested some time and, after talking to her father and mother, she did not accept this proposal."

"I need my rights to see my children with the law." Yilmaz Bektas said.

This is a hard time for Ruffa. I think the father of her children has also the right to see them but they just have to make an agreement with it. God bless Ruffa.
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