Thursday, July 21, 2011

Honest Taxi Driver got a Hug and Kiss from Ruffa Guttierez

Ruffa's personal assistant left 6 pairs of Ruffa's shoes in a taxi. It is known to many that Ruffa lost expensive shoes because she announced it to her twitter account.

Jimmy, Ruffa Guttierez' personal aide left the shoes at the Merger taxi since he was busy talking to a cousin in a phone about his ailing mother. He was on his way to the shooting location of Ruffa in Pasong Tamo, Makati City.

Jimmy said in an interview that he considered selling his family's land property to pay for the lost custom-made shoes amounting to $4,000 owned by Ruffa Guttierez.

The taxi driver told reporters that he was surprised to see expensive-looking shoes left in his taxi so he went home and asked his wife to return the shoes to radio DZMM. The hosts of Aksyon Ngayon right away announced the missing shoes. The actress was informed that her shoes has been returned.

The actress gave a gift to Ariel Dalangin, the taxi driver and fulfilled her promise to hug and kiss the person who will return her missing shoes.
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