Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dingdong Dantes Stand by Marian Rivera's Side Amidst Contorversy Involving Heart Evangelista

This was taken at Shangrila mall last easter s...Marian Rivera
Dingdong Dantes, boyfriend of Marian Rivera is all support for her amidst the controversies that she is now, the alleged incident at the airport. It has been a big news when reports came out that the mother of Heart Evangelista confronted her at the airport teling her to keep away from her daughter.

Marian Rivera already aired her side of the controversy telling she was shocked on what happened at the airport. She narrated that she thought Heart and she were okay but all the while, were not.

Heart Evangelista who is on vacation in Brazil with boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga remained mum about the issue but there were tweets on her twitter account addressing the controversy.

Dingdong Dantes when asked if they talked about the issue admitted that he and girlfriend Marian talked about it but he's not in a position to tell it to everyone since he was not there when the incident happened. "Basta ang masasabi ko lang, dun ako sa totoo, dun ako sa tama. Hindi ako sang-ayon sa abusado, Dingdon said.

He told reporters that its one of the things that keeps their relationship strong, being open with each other and supporting each other.
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