Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kris Aquino, Offended by Mayor Junjun Binay's Remarks About Marriage

It is undeniable that Kris Aquino and Mayor Junjun Binay have some sort of "mutual understanding" with each other. They were together during the concert of Justin Beiber here in Manila and the issue linking them both never dies. Anyways, they are both single and so there's no problem if ever they will fall for each other.

There's this article entitled "To Wed or not to Wed:Hayden & Vicki, Junjun and Kris" in Philippine Star news. The author of the article said that she was able to interview Junjun Binay during the wedding anniversary of Senator Mirriam Santiago and husband Narciso Santiago. She asked the mayor if he is indeed dating Kris Aquino to which he replied, "Yes, we are good friends. We saw the Justin Bieber concert together, and by gosh, when you're with Kris, everybody wants to have a picture with her."

He was then asked if he is open to the possibility of getting married again to which the mayor replied meaningfully, "Why do people marry? Because of lack of knowledge... Why do people separate? Because of lack of experience... Why do people remarry? Because of loss of memory."This statement of Mayor Junjun Binay offended Kris which she said is a "patama" to her. Kris Said that what the mayor said is not a reflection of Junjun Binay's marriage to his late wife Ken.

"I know that's not a reflection of his married life because from all he has shared w/ me, he & his wife Ken were exceptionally happy.", said Kris Aquino. In her twitter account, Kris said: "In the 14 months since my separation, I haven't dated anybody. I thought jun & I were friends but after what I read I've come to the conclusion a gentleman doesn't really say stuff like that especially when it can be read as "patama" to his friend."

Kris said the mayor apologized to her but she prefer to avoid the mayor to stop speculations about the two of them. Kris tweeted:"In conclusion, nag sorry si jun last night but I guess it's truly best for us to just avoid each other so no more talk about us."

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