Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bela Padilla is Aljur Abrenica's Leading Lady in Machete

Remember Bela Padilla? The one whom Marian Rivera had a rift in the soap opera Endless Love for allegedly getting jealous on Dingdon Dantes, Marian's real-life sweetheart?

Bela Padilla can't believe she is now the leading lady of Aljur Abrenica in Machete. "It still hasn't, you know, sunk in. I'm still in the 'is-it-really-happening-to-me' stage, said Bela Padilla.

Bela plays the role of Agnaya, the love interest of Aljur Abrenica who is the main character of the remake of this Filipino film Machete. Bela said she'll do her best to turn around the hate she got especially from Marian Rivera's fans. She'll do her best in her new project. Good luck Bela!
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  1. Thanks to MArian kaya ka nagkaroon ng leading role sister... :P

  2. mas bagay talaga si aginaya maging leading lady ni machete.. pero bakit umiksena si jessa?hmmp mas bagay talaga si bella sa role na toh.. goodluck! :)

  3. Pwedeng nanay ni Bela si Marian... bagay! ;D


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