Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sherilyn Reyes Organized Baby Shower For Bestfriend Carlene Aguilar Who'll Give Birth in October

Beauty queen turned actress Carlene Aguilar is scheduled to give birth in October, her first child to husband Yo Ocampo. This is Carlene's second child for she has a son with ex boyfriend, actor Dennis Trillo. Sherilyn Reyes, Carlene's bestfriend organized the baby shower for her with the help of Angelu de Leon who is also pregrant.

In an interview, Carlene said that this is a different pregnancy because there's her husband and friends who take care of her. She stayed in the US during her first pregnancy, to stay away from limelight and intrigues and she felt all alone.

Carlene revealed that Calix, her son with Dennis Trillo is sometimes jealous with his coming brother but they explained to him that he'll have a brother soon. She divulged that Calix spends weekends with his father Dennis.

In spite of their incoming son, the couple Carlene Aguilar and Yo Ocampo's love and attention for Calix will not change. Carlene would have wanted to change the surname of Calix so that it will be the same with them to prevent confusion of the child but Dennis Trillo did not want it.
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