Friday, September 16, 2011

Jake Cuenca is Neat and Stylish, Says Lovi Poe

Jake Cuenca and Lovi Poe during the Star Magic Ball 2011

In an interview, Lovi Poe was asked what she finds attractive with Jake Cuenca physically and she responded that the way he dresses up, she finds Jake Cuenca neat and stylish. When asked if she could be one of the reasons for Jake Cuenca and Melissa Rick's break-up, she said she's out of that issue anymore, she doesn't want to talk about it out of respect of the two.

It can be remembered that Jake Cuenca and Melissa Ricks broke up after their 2 years relationship and there were rumors that it was Jake Cuenca who broke up with Melissa Ricks. Melissa, on the other hand, obviously was hurt by their break up and she even cried during her interview in "The Buzz".

Lovi Poe is Jake Cuenca's date during the Star Magic Ball. Jake and Lovi are stars of the movie "My Neighbor's Wife" in which they made a bed scene. Is a budding romance flourishing between the two? Let's wait and see. And for Melissa, good luck to her career. I hope she'll find a man that will truly love her forever:).

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