Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sarah Geronimo's Dancing Prowess Impressed Gerald Anderson

Gerald Anderson looks forward to working again in the future with Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo after the big hit of their movie last year, Catch me, I'm in Love. They will be having a movie again but it is still in the planning stage.

With regards to Gerald's relationship status, he is single right now and taking thing's slowly. He is now focused on his work. Gerald said that his friendship with Sarah Geronimo now is what's important and explained that it's not important that their onscreen chemistry will be translated into off-screen chemistry. He also revealed that he is not intimidated by Sarah's Mom, Divine, and even happy about Sarah's family. He wants to be sure that he is ready to fall in love again should he decide to court someone.

Gerald disclosed that he is really impressed with Sarah's dancing prowess after taking lessons abroad for two weeks. He admits he misses Sarah Geronimo while she was away in ASAP. He also revealed that Sarah becomes better in dancing and her stage presence is notable when she returned to ASAP.

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