Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lovie Poe is Jake Cuenca's Date this Coming Star Magic Ball

Jake Cuenca divulged that his date this coming Star Magic Ball is Lovie Poe. In an interview with SNN, Jake revealed that he invited Lovie Poe, his co-star in My Neighbor's Wife to be his date in the incoming Star Magic Ball on September 3, 2011. With the invitation, Lovie Poe asked permission from her handler and to which she's approved to do so.

Melissa Ricks, Jake Cuenca's ex-girlfriend will go solo to the ball and will just enjoy the company of her friends. In an interview, she was asked on her comment regarding Jake's date to which she replied she is not in a position to comment about it and that Jake is free to bring with him anyone of her choice.

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