Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kris Aquino Asked to Leave Pilipinas Win na Win

Kris Aquino will be leaving in her noontime show Pilipinas Win na Win. It has been reported that the show is not rating well and the productions expenses are more than the income it brings in. In other words, it's not earning. Kris Aquino is very honest and humble enough to admit that she did not decide to quit the show but it was the station's management that asked her to leave. They will be experiment a series of hosts and Kris Aquino will be replaced by four singers who are knows as "hitmakers" - Rico J. Puno, Rey Valera, Marco Sison and Nonoy Zuñiga.

October 1, 2010, Friday is Kris aquino's last day in Pilipinas Win na Win. In her tweet, Kris said she'll shoot comercials after this week while eaiting for the script of her movie with star Cinema, Dalaw. She also said that she'll utilize the time , resting and praying. "I'm gonna give myself some time to de-stress, de-compress & pray. Doing my version of Eat Pray Love, mine is Exercise Pray Heal," said Kris Aquino.
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