Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Closed-Door Meeting Ends Marian Rivera and Bela Padilla Rift

Heads of GMa 7 put a period of the rift between their two stars Marian Rivera and Bela Padilla through a closed door meeting. The two together with their respective managers meet with the SVP for Entertainment Wilma Galvante and according to the news, the two agreed to a more peaceful working relationship following the so-much publicize bathroom issue between Marian Rivera and Bela Padilla.

Marian and Bela did not talk anymore to reporters after their 15-minute close-door talk. Galvante told reporters that the two have decided not to give further interviews. She further said that the misunderstanding was just hyped by the press.

GMA Management official statement says "GMA Management met with all parties concerned surrounding the alleged issues that happened on the set of "Endless Love".

Waiting reporters outside Wilma Galvante's office surmised that Marianne Rivera might have asked an apology to Bela following the demand of Mommy Eva who threatened to go to court if Marianne Rivera won't apologize to Bela.

Well, eveything's well now. Good luck to both actresses!

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