Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Angelica and Claudine "War" Heats on

What used to be just in their soap opera seemed to be becoming true-to-life for Angelica and Claudine who used to be together in Iisa Pa Lamang. It's been weeks already that Claudine Barreto and Angelica Panganiban have been on a heated word war. Although Angelica Panganiban remained silent over the issue, Mr. M of Star Magic acted as her spokesperson.

Claudine Barreto alleged that Angelica Panganiban circulated malicious gossips that Claudine and Martin Castro, a friend of Derek Ramsey who happens to be Angelica's boyfriend are having an affair. Claudine threatened to sue Angelica for circulating the rumor. Will all of these end in court? Let's wait and see...

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