Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Zoren Legazpi on BB Gandanghari and Marriage

Zoren and Carmina with their lovely twins Mavey and Casey

Zoren Legaspi and long-time partner Carmina Villaroel will host the new morning show for GMA-7 entitled Love ni Mister Love ni Misis. The couple have been working on making the show really interesting since it's undeniable that it's a rating game between competetitor networks.

Zoren is open to having Rustom Padilla (now known as BB Gandanghari), the former husband of her now partner Carmina to be a guest in their new show. Zoren Legaspi is comfortable talking about CArmina's ex-husband because according to him, everybody has already moved on with their lives.

Zoren also revealed that he and Carmina talks about their marriage on their casual conversations but when they have already set a date, projects get in the way of pushing through their wedding plans.

I look forward for the two to formalize their union through wedding. They are such a wonderful couple with beautiful kids.
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