Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is it finally Over for Kris and James?

It seems like Kris Aquino is really determined to end up her marriage with husband James Yap. In her interview on her last day of her show "The Buzz" she said that for her, their marriage is already over. "Ako sumuko na", Krissy said. She did not elaborate what's the cause of their latest marital woes for privacy reasons.

At the outset of their marriage, a lot of cynics have already believed that their marriage won't last. First is the age gap. Kris is 11 years older than her husband James. So that would mean a lot of adjustments to both of them. Kris grows up in the city and came from a well-known family and used to a life of media scrutiny being an actress and a daughter to a former president. While James Yap hails from the province and lived a life completely different that of Kris'. Kris Aquino is very vocal while James is a type of person who is just silent. The cynics seem to be right in their guess.

While James Yap wanted to mend whatever differences he has with Kris and wants their marriage intact as they promised to the late president Cory Aquino, Kris seems finally decided to end her marriage. She is now having her lawyers work the papers on their separation.

Here are photos of the two in happier times...

Since it is not known to the public what is the real cause of their marital problem, a lot of speculations and rumors came out. It is said that Kris Aquino is having an affair with Senator Chiz Escudero, being an endorser of her brother, now president Noynoy Aquino. Other rumor says that James Yap, being womanizer, impregnated a fan. Still another rumor said that James Yap threw bad words to Kris Aquino in one of their arguments in front of their children. Whatever the cause maybe, is it finally over for Kris and James?

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