Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nadia Montenegro and Annabelle Rama are on War

Nadia Montenegro and the feisty mom of Ruffa Gutierrez and twins Raymond and Richard Gutierrez, Annabelle Rama are now mudslinging each other and are on war, so to speak. It started when news came out that Nadia Montenegro filed a case to the manager of her children for alleged child abuse.

Ruffa Gutierrez defended her mom on her show in TV 5 and said that she's on her Mom's side now, being a friend to Nadia Montenegro. She said that if Nadia wants her children to prioritize school, then she should have not allowed them to enter showbiz in the first place because they can't just control the time for tapings.

Nadia alleged that Annabelle Rama abused her children for allowing them to work for 40 hours. As my children's manager, Rama failed to protect the interests of my children by making them work even during school hours to the detriment of their grades, giving them the impression that the same was required by the network and that they either 'take it or leave it. I even learned that when she was alone with my children, Rama would convince my children to choose work over their education, giving them the impression that they need to give up their education to be able to be successful in their career.", said Nadia

In an interview in GMA-7' showbiz Central, "Annabelle Rama divulged that the root cause of their rift is money. Annabelle said, "Dapat ikaw ang ipakulong, dapat ikaw ang gapusin, wala kang kuwentang nanay!"Ang anak mo, kahit maliit gusto mong pagtrabahuhin sa akin, iwo-workshop ko?

Here's the last message of Annabelle Rama to Nadia: "Kaya Nadia, ang last message ko sa iyo, 'Bayaran mo ang utang mo sa akin plus three years interest, puwede?'

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